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Ways to contribute
Become a sponsor


Your donation means that we can continue to run our foundation whose goal is to acknowledge and help vulnerable dogs who would’ve never otherwise gotten the chance. Your donation is very important! You can choose to donate directly to the foundation, become a monthly sponsor via Patreon (where you can also become a sponsor of your animal of choice), or you can pay via Paypal, Plusgiro or Swish.

Plusgiro: 75 93 39-5
Swish: 123 133 66 92


Become a sponsor or adopt

Our seniors who live here for life need sponsors. You can help to make their final years better by sponsoring them each month.

Occasionally we have seniors up for adoption. Since they are quite often shy and older, they require a little more resources here at the rescue before they are ready for a new home. This type of dog does not suit everyone, and if you don’t have the opportunity to adopt, becoming a sponsor is a great alternative!

Do you want to become a sponsor for a specific dog at the sanctuary? You can now become a monthly sponsor via Patreon! Go to the link, select the “Djurfaddern” tier and enter payment information and the amount will be deducted monthly. You can cancel your monthly payments at any time.


There are several ways to volunteer. At the rescue in Orrefors, we welcome skilled dog loving people who want to help with our daily chores, but if you happen to have an occasional day off to help with practical things such as painting or building fences you’re just as welcome. You can also do certain things from home, e.g. help with social media, administration or working with sponsors. Right now we are specifically looking for people who like and are knowledgeable in for example TikTok, YouTube, finding sponsors, social media analysis and handyman services.

Donate things, corporate sponsorship

We gratefully accept donations such as: Building materials, dog treats, gastro/allergy/senior dog food, wet dog food/raw dog food, chewing sticks, allergy shampoo and water-resistant beds. We have no opportunity to pick up donations (except for larger batches from pet stores). You can leave donations in our donation box and also through our partners.

Denna sida använder sig av kakor, om du fortsätter använda sidan erkänner du användning utav och att du också gillar kakor.