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You can find adoption ads for dogs continuously on Facebook and Instagram. We have a small number of dogs that will be looking for new homes during November, and we will update this page continuously with more information. We do not post ads before they have arrived here at the shelter and been evaluated by both a veterinarian and a dog psychologist, which is why you will not see any ads here.

At our dog home here in Småland, we work with adoptions on a small scale. We only have a few dogs for adoption at the same time because it is often dogs that have come from slightly more difficult backgrounds, that need more time to adjust and might need rehabilitation before they are ready for a home. When your adopted dog adjusts to his/her new home and begins to feel safe, you will get a great friend. By adopting, you save two lives – your dog’s life, and the dog that gets to take its place.

We have permission from the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) for both our shelter and for rehoming dogs. Since we don’t use foster homes and receive all dogs at our shelter in Småland, we have not applied for permission for large numbers of dogs annually. Instead, we focus on rescuing and rehoming those who have the least chance to be chosen by larger organizations, e.g. the old, the disabled, the traumatized, the black dogs.

In 2022, we have worked a little differently with adoptions compared to normal cases due to the war in Ukraine. We have rehomed senior dogs from Polish shelters in order to help during the emergency situation in Ukraine by helping to make room in Polish shelters for Ukrainian pets. We won’t be able to help with private rehoming other than in exceptional cases, since it’s very resource-intensive. All requests regarding private rehoming will be reviewed separately.

We have a good safety net in Sweden with strict animal welfare laws, but of course there are dogs that get sick – both in Sweden and in other countries. By adopting a dog you reduce the total amount of suffering of dogs around the world. A dog that is rehomed through us often comes with luggage or disabilities – physical or mental. Our amazing adopters give them a chance, even if they understand that trust takes time to build.

Below you can enjoy a slide show of some of our adopted dogs who have moved on to happy homes.


FAQ Adoption 

The charges we make are non-profit-making i.e. they are at cost price, which is primarily based on the dog’s age; a younger dog costs more than an older one, for natural reasons. The adoption fee covers i.a. veterinary costs such as vaccines, de-worming and health examinations, as well as the dogs’ time at the rescue  they are evaluated, rehabilitated and given a chance to grow before they are ready for their own “forever home”. Since we apply cost price, you, as an adopter, are welcome to donate a little extra! The average adoption fee for a 10-year-old is approx. SEK 3000 and a younger dog is approx.  SEK 7000, but it can also vary. In general, dogs always cost us more than what you pay to adopt them. The fee for the younger healthy dogs helps to cover the costs of the older dogs which is much higher than the younger ones because the old dogs often require a lot of veterinary care before moving.


When you’ve found a specific dog at our rescue, or if you want to let us decide which dog is right for you, you start by filling in an adoption application. Take your time when you apply!

  • We carefully review your submission and ensure that there are no animal bans or other legal obstacles, and we will contact possible references, if any.
  • If we consider you a suitable adopter, we will contact you and book a telephone interview.
  • After that, we want to visit your home through either a video call or pictures and videos of the environment which could be the dog’s new home.
  • If we pick you as an adopter, we will let you know and you will then hopefully choose to move forward by reserving the dog! We then send a contract to be signed.
  • Finally, we arrange a time for when the dog is picked up.
  • We do follow-ups to ensure that everything works well for the dog in the new home.

The short answer is yes, but it depends a lot on how you live, your attitude towards dog ownership and your understanding of the needs of this kind of dog. Some dogs might be easier to adopt, and, in these cases, we don’t necessarily require as much dog experience, but basic dog knowledge is always important, and we also require that you are willing to absorb specific knowledge about the particular dog/dog type or personality you want to adopt.

Many of our dogs are a bit shy, and they grow and develop with the help of time, patience, and a lot of love in their new homes. We don’t rehome dogs to people with animal bans or previous convictions, nor to people who apply aversive dog training and outdated techniques.

We are very knowledgeable about the dogs we rehome, and can give a lot of good advice along the way. We are always here to guide and as long as you are open-minded, humble and handle dogs lovingly, you’re well on your way. If we deny your application, it doesn’t mean we don’t consider you a suitable adopter. However, there might be many applicants for our dogs and we’ll have to pick who we think is the most suitable match. We try to respond to all applications, but if you haven’t heard anything within three weeks, we have probably moved on with another adopter. Your registration will be saved.


Since we rarely have enough background information about the dogs, we cannot guarantee that they work well with children. That’s why we choose not to adopt to families with children aged 12 and younger, strictly due to safety reasons. In exceptional cases we might choose to accept slightly younger children, but regardless, they must be old enough to both understand instructions and be able to read dogs. This is for everyone’s safety.


The decision must be well-considered. Do you have the time, the finances and the energy for a new individual in your life right now? Do you understand the possible burden this entails and what sacrifices will be required in your life to be able to adopt a dog? Do you have enough patience to let the dog confide in you on his/her terms? If the answer is yes to these types of questions congratulations! You’re well-suited to adopt a buddy for life!

Initially you need to get to know each other, and the dog must be allowed to adjust to its new environment. During this period the dog should not be left alone, hence the importance of having a plan for this before adopting. After that, you also need to have a plan for solitary training if the dog will be left alone at times, or alternatively have a good solution such as a dog sitter.

The Swedish animal welfare act states that you may not leave dogs alone for longer than they can handle without showing stressful behaviors such as vocalization, apathy, breaking things or relieving itself inside.


In addition to a new life buddy, you get:

  • A vaccinated, de-wormed and basic health checked dog.
  • Lifelong support for the dog from a dog behaviourist.
  • Fitted safety harness at cost price (the harness itself is not included in the adoption fee), as well as a leash and necklace for free.
  • Dietary supplement (if needed), to ensure a calm transition for the dog.
  • Often more things than the above are included but these are the basics.

ADOPT, don't shop!

Getting a dog is something that really makes us happy (it’s even been scientifically proven!) but it also means that we’re signing up for giving the dog the best life we ​​can. Expecting that a dog with this kind of history would immediately become a “normal” family dog can be an unreasonable demand. An adoption requires time and patience, but it will still be the best decision you’ve ever made. Make a secondhand dog your first choice – adopt, don’t shop!

Denna sida använder sig av kakor, om du fortsätter använda sidan erkänner du användning utav och att du också gillar kakor.